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eBrevia, a DFIN Company, Helps Clients Prepare for Fast-approaching LIBOR Transition with Latest Software Release


CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- eBrevia, a Donnelley Financial Solutions (NYSE: DFIN) company, today announced its latest software release focused on helping financial institutions transition from the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR), a globally recognized base rate for financial services.

LIBOR has been in use since the 1970s and today it is a reference for an estimated $350 trillion of loans, securities, and derivatives worldwide. The challenge facing many financial institutions is that LIBOR is expected to cease publication or to become unreliable after 2021. With less than two years to prepare, many financial institutions and their service providers are facing the reality that a manual review of LIBOR-related agreements could be extremely costly or impossible to complete on time.

eBrevia provides AI-powered contract analytics software that helps law firms, audit/consulting firms, financial institutions and corporations complete document reviews faster and with greater accuracy. eBrevia’s latest software release includes automatic identification of new document types specifically related to LIBOR, new LIBOR-related pre-trained provisions, and identification of different types of interest rates. In addition, the release includes substantial enhancements to the system’s search and filtering functionality, enabling users to quickly find the exact documents and provisions they are looking for based on a wide range of different criteria.

eBrevia co-founder and president, Ned Gannon, explained that “Our clients are heavily leveraging eBrevia for LIBOR-related review. This latest release now adds many features targeted to this use case. eBrevia can be customized for any specific need but having more built-in LIBOR functionality is extremely helpful for managing document reviews and analyzing risks running up to this deadline.”

eBrevia has always been highly responsive to the needs of its clients under challenging market conditions, whether driven by regulatory changes, such as the LIBOR transition, or global phenomena, such as helping clients review contracts for force majeure provisions triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Identifying LIBOR references in contracts, as well as potentially relevant fallback language is an important element in a complex transition that firms around the world will manage for the next few years. A lack of clarity on LIBOR’s replacement is an additional challenge that can slow down preparations, making technology solutions that speed up processes even more vital.

Learn more about how eBrevia’s software supports LIBOR-related document reviews in this whitepaper or about additional use cases at

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